We Offer The Following Range Of Dynamic Services

Hosting Consultancy

As your website is your “Global office”, making a decision on which web hosting company to choose can be tough with most Hosting providers promising ‘heaven on earth’ packages only to purchase them and get business adversely affected

With our years of experience and on-line dexterity, we provide your web project hosting services that gives deliverable 99.9% uptime, speed, multiple number of Domains, Sub-domains, e-mail Accounts and Features, Database Support and other highly necessary hosting support/features

Superior hosting that enhances, emancipates you from technical drudgery so you have more time and resources to pursue what’s really important to you which equals more revenue and less hassle for you.

Our Web Plans

UMS Training HUB

The Ultramediasolution training hub offers range of dynamic and hands-on training such as Video Editing, Web design and developments, 3D Animation, Graphic design, Social Media Marketing, Motion Graphics... and lots more. You can visit the training site for more information.

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E-Commerce Websites

Real e-commerce requires a significant investment by your company so it's important to explore all your options before you commit to an e-commerce strategy. Our consulting team will meet with your company and write a design document to define objectives, identify technologies and develop budgets. Then we will help you choose a secure, robust infrastructure and work to bring the project to life. We will assist you in working with your business partners and ensure that your e-commerce site is integrated with sales and inventory systems.

Database Design & Development

We have significant real world experience in database design and administration. The most popular and useful websites have something in common: they are all powered by a well designed database. We can help you design, develop and manage a database that will support your company's business and marketing objectives. Or if you have an existing database we can help you determine whether or not you can make it accessible over the web. Our staff is available to process updates, support users, and make changes to your database as your needs change or as new technology becomes available.


Online Advertising, Marketing and Promotion management

Online advertising and marketing campaigns is crucial organization that requires effective promotional mix. We help organizations sift through the dizzying array of options to design a comprehensive online marketing strategy. The bottom line is gaining new customers and to service existing customers..

We understand the technologies that will help you target audiences and we can help you design and deploy online display ads, managing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Campaign Options

Pay Per Click Ads (Google Adsense, Yahoo Advertising).
Local/Blog Directories.
Youtube Advertsing.
Facebook/Twitter Advertising.

Web and Mobile Application Development

We can help you develop the next generation of your website projects go beyond simple HTML pages so that it will serve your customers, attract prospects and integrate with your internal systems. Beyond that we will make sure that a mobile version of your site is deployed and help you create apps for smartphones, Facebook and emerging platforms.


The team that develops your site isn’t always helpful in the ongoing management of the site’s content. Too often organizations fail to appreciate the work that is required to keep a site relevant and thus risk having their entire Internet strategy fall short. It's time-consuming to dedicate staff to manage your website. Fortunately, you can take advantage of our website management services on an as needed basis to ensure that your website stays current and useful. We help many of our clients keep their sites fresh by providing update services and content modules. Worried about content control? Then let us review your existing site and add a content management system (CMS) to it. A CMS will allow a member on your team, or ours, to securely login from any web browser and update your site with timely content.


Your identity says a lot about you as an organization or brand. Strong brand recognition starts with engaging messaging and unique graphic representations that communicate your story to clients or audience. Whether you are developing a new brand or refreshing your existing identity, our branding professionals can deliver the brand image that is right for your organization or project.

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Search Engine Optimization - Seo

Let's face it - even the greatest website is meaningless if your prospects and customers can't find it. Like it or not the fact is that most people online begin by typing keywords into one of a handful of search engines. A further fact is that the vast, vast majority will click on a link that comes up on the first page - hardly anyone digs to results that are after the third page.

We provide full on-site and off-site, organic and paid search services including content creation, keyword research and innovative campaigns.

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