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Search Engine Optimisation – Why You Should Care

SEO means improving the score of your website on search engines like google or bing for key phrases associated with your business organization.

SEO services

When people want something, the first element that comes to their mind is “google it”.

If a potential consumer searches for your products or services, will they find your website?

It’s not sufficient enough to be visible when people search for your corporation name.

What of those who do not know your website name? How do they find you?

Let say you offer plumbing services and you have a website for people to book for your services.

How do they discover your service?

Having your website name ranked via google is just a small part of SEO.

here’s what we endorse: when your website is constructed and discovered, it appears on the 10th page of google.

Awesome right? Wrong.

Whilst people do a search, they generally don’t depart from first page of the search engine results.

Of a fact, 75% of customers in no way scroll past the primary web page of google.

You don’t know!!! Permits me to go over it again:

75% of customers who look for a product on google does not go past the first web page!

What does this suggest?

This suggests that during a search for your product on the internet if your website isn’t on the primary page of google, then the benefits of SEO won’t be reaped.

Number one spot on google? Is it possible for your website?

Before this question is answered, you really need to know this:

On search engine first page, there are commonly paid ads (which appears first on the search engine result page and every now and then at the bottom).

This is followed by exceptional result google thinks is an option to your search question (search engine optimization).

The primary indexed website gets 60% attraction of all site traffic because of its role.

think about this for a sec…

For every 10 individuals that look for your service, 6 of them will click on the first natural (search engine optimization) link they discover.

Shouldn’t this be your site?

How We Can Help

At Ultra Media Solutions, it is our duty as an Organisation to make sure that our clients are visible whenever their product is searched for.  With our dynamic marketing team, we apply a series of customised tactics and strategy to bring qualified traffic to your site and increase conversions.

Why not contact us now and let’s contribute in building your business.


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