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Websites for NGOs

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UltraMediaSolution sits at the intersection of nonprofits and web design. We strike a balance between designing sites specifically for nonprofits, while also supplying the full functionality of modern web pages. Our solutions have been designed so that nonprofits can drive quantifiable through a powerful online presence.

At UltraMediaSolution, our web solutions balance the fundamental design basics, along with tools specifically geared towards nonprofits. Check out just a few of the web design perks you’ll receive when you work with us.

Website that maximizes user-experience, intuitive navigation, excellent speed, and highly-efficient security tools that yield increased donations and fundraising revenues
Interactive graphic and logo designs reflective of your organization.
Stronger relationships with donor and supporters


A content management system (CMS) is the central administrative system of a nonprofit’s website. With a CMS, you can edit, update, and effectively manage the content of your site. The best content management system should fit the goals and needs of your nonprofit.

Our team knows and works with the best CMS. There are range of design elements that will fit your choice of design as well as web users anywhere between novice and tech-savvy, and offer functionalities that cater to a variety of nonprofits.

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Maintaining a website is a continuous process, and in many cases, a team effort. It’s crucial that you choose a CMS your entire staff can operate. Based on the individual goals and needs of your nonprofit, we’ll help you select a CMS system that best fits your organization, and provide the necessary training and support so you feel confident and adept to manage the site.

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Flexibility is key when it comes to designing nonprofit websites. That’s why we offer our clients 3 open-source systems that allow them to update and maintain their websites with customization and ease. Dependent on the goals of your nonprofit, we offer a variety of applications, installations, and tools to compliment your organization.

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Is your site communicating well with your target audience? Is it fulfilling its purpose in achieving your goals? Does it look outdated? We recognize that website upkeep isn’t necessarily #1 on your list of things to do, so we can do it for you. We’ll create a restructured design and layout of your website that best communicates your nonprofit and its mission.

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We believe in freedom of design, meaning, we work in a collaborative and innovative environment to provide the best solutions for nonprofits. Our clients receive visually aesthetic designs that are interactive, engaging, responsive, optimized for online marketing, and customized to your organization.
This mentality extends to other online engagement tools beyond web design. Our solutions yield proven results; convert more donors, improve fundraising efforts, and drive a community around a cause.

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This year, Google stated that mobile-optimized websites will appear higher on search results than non mobile-friendly pages. As a result of this, in 2015, approximately 10% of donations to nonprofit organizations were made on a mobile device. As users continue to access the web on their smartphones and tablets, there’s a greater importance on designing websites that transfer functionally and aesthetically on any screen size. We create flexible designs optimized for mobile devices.

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In 2015, Google stated that mobile-optimized websites will appear higher on search results than non mobile-friendly pages.  Consider this, over 60% of traffic to the internet is accessed from mobile devices. Even online shoppers make more shopping from their mobile devices than ever before. So your website and business cant afford to lose such population of traffic. As users continue to access the web on their smartphones and tablets, there’s a greater importance on designing websites that transfer functionally and aesthetically on any screen size. We create flexible designs optimized for mobile devices.

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