Being a campus rep
for UMS can be a great way to
build your resume.

We’re looking for a campus rep
to be our eyes and ears
on your campus.

These campus rep programs are perfect for busy college students because your office is your school campus and you work when its convenient for you and that’s what this i-Rep UMG-UMS Program is all about. The best part of being a campus rep program is the discounts, prizes, and incentives.

The i-REP Program gives you an opportunity to become part of the ever growing brand which has been orchestrated to build a global platform that gives out information and improves the quality of the lives of today’s youths.

As a Representative, you will be an extension of the brand by living the fun, informed and active lifestyle that represents

UMG is now accepting Representative Requests from all universities across Nigeria as well as Nigerian students in Benin Republic and Ghana - our eyes and ears on your campus.


This programme is for young individuals are bold, bright and driven, well-spoken can learn fast, entrepreneurial, innovative, creative young men and women who are involved in campus activities, have a heart for entertainment, mind for web, mobile and digital solutions, passion for social media and a head for marketing.
You’ll be responsible for identifying opportunities both on and off campus to market and promote our unique array of product services. As a Campus Rep, you’ll play a key role in our grassroots marketing. You’ll work directly with our Campus Rep Manager, who will arm you with all of the marketing tools needed to make you successful.
As an i-REP Campus agent, you will build your resume by gaining exposure to the entertainment, web solutions, mobile apps, multimedia, designs industries, as well as other exclusive benefits.
You will also become part of the UMS/UMG family, help influence many decisions the company makes, gain professional experience, and A UMG/UMS i-REP Campus position is not a job—it’s a lifestyle! You single-handedly transform your entrepreneurial self at the click of a button.


Opportunity to develop marketing and managerial skills

Customised company email -

CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE ID For your official recognition on campus - After 1 month of adequate assessement

Reference Letter of Working Experience for future employement prospect

Adequate Clients' Relations/Marketing Training

Great Commissions

Working with existing Fantastic UMS/UMG Team

Gain marketing and Experience

Only Two Reps in Your school (A Male & A Female)

Working with an organisation that triumph in Quality Service Delivery, Transparency and providing top Class Customer Care

Improve social and clients-relations skills.



To publicize UMS/UMG services in and around your campus.


Publicizing various UMS/UMG services various social media platforms.


To work in tandem with with UMS/UMG in case of supporting event that is being organised in your campus.


Connecting all correspondence and mails to our CAMPUS REP MANAGER.


Leading us to the right contacts of your college, besides providing us with a comprehensive business opportunities


Provide us with a general perception of opportunities in your campus.


All applicants must be students in Higher Institutions of Leaning. Must be bold, self-driven, well-spoken, can learn fast, entrepreneurial, innovative, enthusiastic, honest and with good track record - Must be in the age group of 16-30 enrolled in the campus

Application Form

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